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Kulturschafft e. V.: Culture + Community + Creativity. Our activities extend over these components’ spheres and establish connections among them. In addition to the advancement of art and culture, we emphasize reaching people who have limited access to cultural activities.  Therefore, it is important for us, not only to act within the context of cultural institutions, but also in non-artistic realms. Diversity, in every regard, has the central role. We initiate national and international projects that foster creative and collaborative processes, enabling exchange and dialogue between different cultures and communities.

Untitled Gallery, Tbilisi, is an art institution, uniting artists and art activists from the South Caucasus, in support of the rights of women and sexual minorities, via art projects in the region. The art space was established in 2019 in Tbilisi. Since the beginning, Untitled Gallery, Tbilisi has been collaborating with several art organizations from the region and it has hosted a number of joint and solo exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, public discussions, and film festivals. Among others, Untitled is supported by the Goethe Institute in Tbilisi. 


Pause / Play: Culture under Pressure is organized by Kultuschafft e.V and Untitled Gallery, Tbilisi, with financial support from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mediapartner: TAtchers’ Art Management